Network Automation Interviews: Federico Olivieri

As you know, I had the great privilege to attend #NFD20 in San Jose at the beginning of February. On the back of some of the great vendor presentations there, we started some very interesting discussions around the big debate of our times. Network Engineering: to automate or not to automate? We already know in... Continue Reading →

Interviewing the interviewer

It must definitely have occured to you (after you took a job somewhere) to have regretted not having done some more due diligence on the company you were about to go to. Recently, I had some discussion with friends and colleagues who asked my opinion on how you could actually understand if the employer is... Continue Reading →

Basic skills – Where art thou?

Yeah, I am on gardening leave (watch this space for news soon), and this is a perfect time to purge my backlog of articles on my to-read list. I stumbled on this one: Learn Programming or Perish (?) by the brilliant Matt Oswalt and I suddenly felt that the feeling I've been having for a... Continue Reading →

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