Stop exposing port 22 to the world. It’s time to rework your remote access methods

This post is aimed at showing how remote console-based access to cloud-resources can be achieved without exposing port 22 to the world, and - in fact - without any kind of internet access provided to your virtual resources. This post is based on AWS technologies, which I'm most familiar with, but similar features are being... Continue Reading →

Network Automation Interviews: Federico Olivieri

As you know, I had the great privilege to attend #NFD20 in San Jose at the beginning of February. On the back of some of the great vendor presentations there, we started some very interesting discussions around the big debate of our times. Network Engineering: to automate or not to automate? We already know in... Continue Reading →

NFD 18 – Day 2 – RedHat Ansible

Peter Sprygada needs no introductions. His presentation on the afternoon of day 2 at NFD18 was the highlight of day 2. He spent good two hours in RedHat offices in Sunnyvale (CA), flooding us with his usual enthusiasm talking about Ansible Network Engine and its exciting new features that are just round the corner. What... Continue Reading →

There is more to “work”

Last friday I was out with some friends for a catch-up, some laughter and a few beers. It'd been a while since we last met. At some point during the evening they started to make fun of me because of this blog. "You keep talking about open-source networking, and this and that. Why don't you... Continue Reading →

Networking Field Day @ Cisco Live

Hi all, I'm not sure whether I mentioned this before or not. week I'll have the pleasure to attend the famous "Networking Field Days" event, hosted by Cisco at the Cisco Live Europe in Barcelona. "Networking Field Day is an in-person, and live-streaming event that is held twice per year. We¬†bring together the best... Continue Reading →

After a few months of silence, I'm back guys! I came across something super interesting last week, which I have been hearing about for a while, but never had the chance to investigate. Everyone: assume you are sitting in the NOC, on a night-shift, and a failure occurs. I.e. packet loss from endpoint A to... Continue Reading →

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