Innovation and culture of failure

Hi all, here I am again talking anything but networking. Sorry but I can't help it, these things really get me excited. I've been reading two AMAZING books that I wholeheartedly recommend you all to read: Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success - Matthew Syed The Innovator's DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of... Continue Reading →

#nofomo anymore

Hello all, as you know very well, one of the most difficult challenges of our jobs is how to keep up with the evolutions and progress of our industry. Very often we suffer from severe FOMO ( - at least I do, as the amount of new technologies and new stuff that make it to... Continue Reading →

Basic skills – Where art thou?

Yeah, I am on gardening leave (watch this space for news soon), and this is a perfect time to purge my backlog of articles on my to-read list. I stumbled on this one: Learn Programming or Perish (?) by the brilliant Matt Oswalt and I suddenly felt that the feeling I've been having for a... Continue Reading →

The 6 pillars of DevOps

Ok. I lied. In my last post, I promised I would have got back to you with more on the "6 pillars of DevOps". I lied because I completely made up that number. I also feel a bit disappointed because after I finished writing up the last blog post, I figured there's more than gazillion... Continue Reading →

What the heck is devops?

Ok. There's probably a gazillion blog posts around the topic. I just felt the urge to give you my very own 2 cents. So here I am. This post would probably most useful to HR people or recruiters, as I believe most of the confusion begins there. My very own job title now is, in... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

This is supposed to be a real "hello world" post. In the IT world we keepĀ being taught to print to standard output "hello world" whenever we take up a new challenge, whether it's a new coding language that we're learning or a new platform we're making our first steps towards. This is supposed to be... Continue Reading →

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