My first 6 months at AWS

Today marks my 136th Day 1 at AWS (why is it always Day 1). 6 months just flew by and I thought I'd find some time to share what a ride it’s been. I also have a lot of friends and ex-colleagues who often ask me "what is it like to work at AWS", so... Continue Reading →

My journey into Cloud Networking

Disclaimer: opinions expressed in this blog are my own! I vividly remember the days of a very not far past when I was dealing with EVPN, Type-5 Routes, VXLAN encapsulation and all the things that were really en-vogue back then (I believe they still are), cherishing the numerous conversations I had about those with Ivan... Continue Reading →

A Cloud-Native change!

As some of you may have noticed, after some time spent at Vodafone Group, I recently took a position at Fujitsu EMEIA as a Senior Cloud Native Engineer. Quite a few people asked to me "What the heck does Cloud-Native mean ?", so I decided to spend some time giving my own view on that... Continue Reading →

Networking Field Day 18 wrap-up #nfd18

NFD18 was my first Networking Field Day, after starting my adventure as a delegate with TechFieldDay last February at TFD Extra @CiscoLive. I knew this was going to be great, but I'd never imagined it to be so great. 3 days of great presentations, enriching discussions about networking, and also loads of fun. Credit goes... Continue Reading →

There is more to “work”

Last friday I was out with some friends for a catch-up, some laughter and a few beers. It'd been a while since we last met. At some point during the evening they started to make fun of me because of this blog. "You keep talking about open-source networking, and this and that. Why don't you... Continue Reading →

Stop abusing the word “Open”

I woke up this morning to a nice blog post that appeared in my RSS reader. Finally! An Open Intent-Based Networking Platform Managed Service Providers Can Embrace Now, if you know me, whenever the word "Open" gets mentioned, I'm immediately captivated by it, so I tapped on the link and read it once. Then I... Continue Reading →

Interviewing the interviewer

It must definitely have occured to you (after you took a job somewhere) to have regretted not having done some more due diligence on the company you were about to go to. Recently, I had some discussion with friends and colleagues who asked my opinion on how you could actually understand if the employer is... Continue Reading →

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