Network Automation Interviews: Federico Olivieri

As you know, I had the great privilege to attend #NFD20 in San Jose at the beginning of February. On the back of some of the great vendor presentations there, we started some very interesting discussions around the big debate of our times. Network Engineering: to automate or not to automate? We already know in... Continue Reading →

A Cloud-Native NOS, at last!

It's day 2 of #NFD20 here in San Jose (CA), and the weather outside is dreadful (not really the sunny California you usually picture). Inside the meeting room where the magic of Networking Field Days happens, it's a very sunny day. After many months of mystery, Snaproute finally announced their CN-NOS (Cloud Native NOS) and... Continue Reading →

GraphDBs and Network Automation

Today I posted this picture below on LinkedIn saying how cool is. Some of my connections asked me to elaborate so here I am. The requirement You know how I love 'requirements', right? What's mine? I am building for a project at work a Python/Ansible automation framework for a DC Network Fabric. I have done... Continue Reading →

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