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14591578_10154018332062634_39491199921123438_nHello! My name is Nicola.

I have been a technologist since Y2K when I started studying my Masters in Telecommunications Engineering.

I soon started working in IT as a C# Developer for a firm whose main business was the development of Banking Information Systems. At the time backends were the colossal IBM AS/400 family, which basically were indestructible monoliths processing no-SQL data. I am pretty sure those monsters are still there doing their dirty job damn well…

A couple of years later I moved to networking, being an employee of a small ISP delivering Wi-Fi coverage to my entire region in the beloved Italian Dolomites. Whilst there I pursued some technical certifications (Cisco/Asterisk/Patton) who gave me the chance of opening up my career opportunities to new challenges.

Three years down the line, I moved to London (UK) where I started working for SKY (former BSkyB), the biggest European media corporation, which, in the UK, is a pretty big ISP (~6M customers).

I always had a big attraction to whatever gave me the chance of doing my work in less time and with less headaches. This is why I almost immediately started wearing two hats: the hat of the network design engineer (that is the one I was paid for) and the one of the network “orchestrator”. Time proved me almost right and the buzzword of software-driven networks is still around and having bigger and bigger resonance, even higher up in the command chains.

Besides work and networking I am a keen amateur keyboard player and guitarist, loving photography and travels. People say I am also a pretty good cook. But this is not a cooking blog (there’s too many around).

Thanks for landing onto this pages and make sure you bookmark them or subscribe to my RSS feed.

I will try to post inspiring materials and topics! Stay tuned!

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