NFD 18 – Day 1 Highlights – IP Infusion and Broadcom

I decided that – in this series of posts – I will focus on the highlights of the three fabulous days I spent in SJ (CA) between the 18th and 21st of July.

The highlight of day 1 – to me – was the joint presentation from IP Infusion, Edgecore and Broadcom.

When you’re out in the woods, afraid, lost and doubtful on whether or not disaggregation is going to cost you your job, you need words of comfort and reassurance. The joint meeting by those 3 big-players in the disagg market sounded to me exactly like that.

Broadcom and Edgecore seem to have matured such a wealth of experience that anybody who is willing to go down the path of breaking up the NOS from the network HW can feel safe.

Equally, IP Infusion have one of the strongest propositions in the arena of ISP-focused NOSs, with mature MPLS and Carrier Ethernet feature support.

The use-case that was presented was the one about LINX migrating their IX infrastructure to OcNOS + Edgecore. The focus wasn’t – and rightly so – centered on the fact that it was necessarily a smooth and hiccup-free experience for LINX, but rather on the safety-net that those big players can put together to ensure the success of initiatives like that.

Honestly – from a technical perspective – there was no rocket science being showed off, but I can safely say that everybody who walked out that room left with a good mood and some more confidence that disagg is here to stay.


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