There is more to “work”


Last friday I was out with some friends for a catch-up, some laughter and a few beers. It’d been a while since we last met. At some point during the evening they started to make fun of me because of this blog.
“You keep talking about open-source networking, and this and that. Why don’t you talk about us?” Thomas was ironically suggesting. I think he wasn’t really serious, but that made me thinking.

Sometimes we’re lucky because we do the job we love and make a living out of it (and that is a privilege we often forget about or give for granted), but also because work gives us the opportunity to meet some incredible people like the ones in the picture above, whom I met during my 4.5 years at Sky.

Maria, the smiling south-american. It’s always good to have some latino blood in the gang, to keep things lively. And Maria’s sweet character is the magic spice that makes everything so fun! She’s not there just for the company. She’s a tough one, currently working towards her CCDE! Good luck and God bless Venezuela and its suffering people!

Then you have Anton, on the far right. Aussie? Hong-Konger? who knows? but does it matter? AL is the most helpful and humble network-hardcore-and-firewall BadaaS! Not as outspoken as the rest of the crew, but when he talks, oh boy, we listen!
When work ethics is around, he’s the one to look up to.

Next to Anton you have Andreas. He’s the foodie. He likes to eat and oh, boy! He eats a lot, but mysteriously he’s always in great shape! 🙂

He’s a great chap, honest, kind, and his people-skills are insane. Makes everyone around him feel at home and makes the workplace a real fun place, when time goes flying!

I saved Thomas for the end of this short non-technical post. He’s my separated-at-birth-brother.
I found a great friend in him (and his amazing wife) and I’m thankful for having someone helping to keep my Greek comprehension skills to a bare minimum (speaking will follow in due course).

He’s the kind of person you trust for anything, from the stupidest errand to really important stuff.

God bless this incredible bunch and bring on the next beers on the river!

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