My first 6 months at AWS

Today marks my 136th Day 1 at AWS (why is it always Day 1). 6 months just flew by and I thought I'd find some time to share what a ride it’s been. I also have a lot of friends and ex-colleagues who often ask me "what is it like to work at AWS", so... Continue Reading →

My journey into Cloud Networking

Disclaimer: opinions expressed in this blog are my own! I vividly remember the days of a very not far past when I was dealing with EVPN, Type-5 Routes, VXLAN encapsulation and all the things that were really en-vogue back then (I believe they still are), cherishing the numerous conversations I had about those with Ivan... Continue Reading →

A Cloud-Native change!

As some of you may have noticed, after some time spent at Vodafone Group, I recently took a position at Fujitsu EMEIA as a Senior Cloud Native Engineer. Quite a few people asked to me "What the heck does Cloud-Native mean ?", so I decided to spend some time giving my own view on that... Continue Reading →

A Cloud-Native NOS, at last!

It's day 2 of #NFD20 here in San Jose (CA), and the weather outside is dreadful (not really the sunny California you usually picture). Inside the meeting room where the magic of Networking Field Days happens, it's a very sunny day. After many months of mystery, Snaproute finally announced their CN-NOS (Cloud Native NOS) and... Continue Reading →

GraphDBs and Network Automation

Today I posted this picture below on LinkedIn saying how cool is. Some of my connections asked me to elaborate so here I am. The requirement You know how I love 'requirements', right? What's mine? I am building for a project at work a Python/Ansible automation framework for a DC Network Fabric. I have done... Continue Reading →

NFD 18 – Day 2 – RedHat Ansible

Peter Sprygada needs no introductions. His presentation on the afternoon of day 2 at NFD18 was the highlight of day 2. He spent good two hours in RedHat offices in Sunnyvale (CA), flooding us with his usual enthusiasm talking about Ansible Network Engine and its exciting new features that are just round the corner. What... Continue Reading →

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